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Aftermath of Tsunami in Sri Lanka: Still in Crisis

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Dear Friends,

I normally don’t include requests for help in my columns. But the following letter comes from a dear friend and pastor in Sri Lanka, the island nation at the tip of India. As many of you will recall, this was the country hard hit by the tsunami of several years ago. If anyone feels called to assist them in this crisis, you will find their email at the bottom of this letter.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Davis Bunn,

We are now experiencing devastating horror with floods after floods sweeping through our island.

43 people were killed and a million made homeless three weeks ago. Now in the same three districts (north, east, and central provinces) we are in the midst of the second major flood, where 23 people have died and a million made homeless.

More than ten thousand homes have been destroyed or partially damaged. The displaced people are housed in 543 camps. The number of displaced persons continues to rise.

Navy has deployed some 40 lifesaving teams in the affected areas. Large numbers of people are stranded in remote villages. Schools, business establishments, and offices remain closed.

7 Air Force helicopters are engaged in round the clock rescue operation.

Satellite picture shows that the rains will continue for a few more days.

A heartrending experience – when 5 people in the same family were buried alive due to land-slides in our vicinity.

We are now compelled to launch out on a “Mission Mercy” in our own little way and we are looking to you to be a partner in this humanitarian effort.

Immediate relief is to provide ‘clothes and dry rations.’

Long term relief is to build houses. We have identified five locations where the homes have been completely destroyed and a rebuilding programme has been put in place. We are awaiting your kind response to these.

We know you will pray for our people who are facing untold hardships.

Awaiting your response – Warm greetings – Donald Fernando

Rev. Don M. Fernando K.I.C.

Galaha Road
8th Mile Post
Sri Lanka

His phone number is: +94 11 81 2389502

Authors: Donate Your Books to Economically Challenged Libraries

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Author’s note: I received this email recently. I have worked with several such economically challenged libraries in the past, volunteers work long hours in an attempt to keep such regional libraries open. This is a hard time for all, but some regions of our nation have been hit especially hard. Any donation of books or CDs would, I am certain, be extremely welcome.

My name is Lisa Matthews and I am the Special Projects Coordinator for the
Robeson County Public Library System.  We would love to continue to offer the patrons of our rural community fun and exciting programs. Our rural community is the third poorest making us the poorest in North Carolina. Our patrons are suffering. Your books would help us a great deal with our programs. If you have anything that are samples or have any defects we would gladly take those off your hands. Also tax letters will be sent.

Lisa Matthews,
Robeson County Public Library
101 N Chestnut Street
Lumberton, North Carolina

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American Family Association Journal Seeks Unique Ministries

Friday, July 16th, 2010

The following request comes from a long-time friend and fellow writer. It is an important concept, one that is too often overlooked.

Rather than write something today, I wanted to pass this on, along with a personal request to think this over and see if you might be able to assist Randall with this vital project. Thank you from us both.

From: Randall Murphree,
Subject: AFA Journal Seeks Unique Ministries

American Family Association Journal

We need your help for an article we are working on. We are looking for simple, unique ministries that local churches or individuals are doing to minister to others in their local community, often with little fanfare or notice. Key words here are unique and simple.

We want our readers to think, “Why, I could do that!” And then, maybe begin such a ministry or find one of their own.

Here’s an example:

Bob organizes volunteers who set up a table in our Justice Court Center during heavy court dockets. They offer cookies, coffee, conversation – and Christ – to families and defendants who are stressed out waiting on the slow wheels of justice.

Do you know of a unique ministry that would be easy for others to replicate? Please send us:

1)  a very brief description of the ministry;

2)  names and contact info – telephone and email — of the person(s) involved, as we will need to be in touch with them directly.

Please respond to this address:

Thank you and God bless you.

Randall Murphree, Editor, AFA Journal, 662-844-5036 x.224