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The Daily Discipline: Audio Devotional #11, ‘The Turning’

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The Turning 300Listening, like prayer, is a discipline best practiced daily. But that doesn’t mean it comes naturally.

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The Daily Discipline: Audio Devotional #11, ‘The Turning’

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Waiting on God: Audio Devotional #10, ‘The Turning’

Friday, April 25th, 2014

The Turning 300Have you ever felt as if God has called you or spoken to you, but you haven’t responded?

Hope born in faith can’t be self-reliant.

I share thoughts about this in my 2-minute audio devotional:
Waiting on God: Audio Devotional #10, ‘The Turning’

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Reader Mailbag: In the Acts of Faith trilogy, was Bruno Aetius a real person?

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Veda writes:

I read all of the Acts of Faith series. My question is about Bruno Aetius in The Hidden Flame. Have you found him to be a real person? My research came up with an Aetius who lived earlier, but not a Bruno Aetius. Thanks!

Dear Veda,

The character of Bruno Aetius was derived from several historical accounts of different people. That’s where the hint of authenticity came from. But he was indeed fictitious.

Nancy writes:

The Acts of Faith Trilogy is absolutely wonderful!!

We purchased The Centurion’s Wife for my daughter’s summer reading project. Having both been a fan of Mrs. Oke for some time, we were confident it would be good. After my daughter read it, I did as well. I was very quickly hooked.

Each of the books was difficult to put down at every point. They had my attention. Hook, line, and sinker. Descriptions were vibrant and eloquent and only moved the story along beautifully. It was easy to imagine what was happening. Each character was very well developed and believable.

Personally, I love exploring well-known Bible stories from different points of view. I love the way you did this.

After completing the series, I went back to Acts in my daily reading. I had a whole new outlook, while keeping my imagination in check.

Thank you for a great look into what it may have been like to be present during those crucial days of our faith history. Thank you for taking us on a wonderful adventure!

Dear Nancy,

I too have returned to the book of Acts for my summer study, and there are moments as I go through the first few chapters—which I have not revisited since Janette and I wrote these stories four years ago—that the insights become alive once more. It is wonderful to know that readers are sharing in this with me.

Coming Near to God: Audio Devotional #9, ‘The Turning

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

The Turning 300

How do we prepare ourselves for silent communication with God?

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Coming Near to God: Audio Devotional #9, ‘The Turning’

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Readers Call ‘The Turning’ Life-Challenging

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

The Turning 300I’ve received hundreds of reader reviews for The Turning since it was released April 1. Today, I’d like to share short snippets from 10 powerful reviews. I urge you to click the link and read each person’s full review.

The story challenges us to realize that as Christians we must not sit back in silence when evil is afoot. God may call us to stand strong against a specific evil in our community or nation. We need to be ready with prayer, and obedience to our Lord. God works through the hands and feet, and words of his people. He becomes their strength giving them direction as they obey Him and peace in the midst of trouble.
-Donna Morse, The Colorful Life Day By Day blog

I found The Turning to be profoundly impactful on my life at his time. It helped me understand that sometimes God asks us to take a turn. And when we listen and respond, miracles happen.
-Gigi Murfitt, Amazon

Bunn’s characters prove very interesting, even the antagonist who is easy to identify with. He is the kind of bad guy you want to see changed instead of simply defeated.
-Terri Picone, Amazon

Even the “villain” of the story is likable in spite of the fact I wanted his scheme to fail.
-Marjorie Vawter, The Writer’s Tool blog

Davis has created a cast of varied characters that inspire you to look within yourself to imagine how you might respond to hearing from God. I was able to relate to several of the challenges that they faced and look into my own life. I guess in this case, I was getting some hints about His plan through the pages of this novel.
-Dennis Brooke, Amazon

This book has taken me on a journey from “what the heck is happening” to “holy toledo; it’s awesome how all these people can come together and work together and pull off the impossible.”
-Russ Briney, Amazon

This book will leave you anxiously waiting to hear God’s voice in a way that will turn your life down an unlikely road.
-Jacqueline Rae-Hendrickson, Amazon

Not only does The Turning make for good fiction reading, it can also serve as a call to listen and then act.
-Judith Barnes, Facebook

Bunn did a great job capturing the vibe of the settings and the cultures of the characters. I was also compelled by supernatural thread that connected them.
-Susan Rampson, Amazon

Davis Bunn always seems to have a finger on the pulse of the times; he senses the zeitgeist and clearly shows how the gospel message relates to this moment.
-Laura Lee Groves, Outnumbered Mom blog

Redefining Success: Audio Devotional #8, ‘The Turning’

Monday, April 21st, 2014

The Turning 300Success does not merely signify getting the job done. Success, in God’s eyes, requires that the solution be the one God will find most pleasing and will bring us into a closer walk with Him.

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Redefining Success: Audio Devotional #8, ‘The Turning’

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Trusting in God’s Strength: Audio Devotional #7, ‘The Turning’

Friday, April 18th, 2014

The Turning 300During this audio devotional series, we’re exploring what it means to turn to new ways of thinking about prayer.

When we sense God calling us to take up a task that’s way beyond what we think we can do, attentiveness will help.

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Trusting in God’s Strength: Audio Devotional #7, ‘The Turning’

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Reader Questions: Will There be a Sequel?

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Windofella writes:

Will there be a sequel to Prayers of a Stranger? It was wonderful. As a believer in the Lord Jesus as the Christ and wanting to serve him, starting in my home, the prayers became mine. Thank you.

Dear Windofella,

I’m thrilled to learn that you enjoyed the Christmas story. At present there is not plans for a sequel, though I have been working on a new Christmas novella.

 Onolee writes:

I am a great fan of yours, I have enjoyed most of the books you have written. Two of my favourites (I’m Canadian) are The Book of Hours and All Through the Night. I really like mystery/suspense books and even more I love those that have a little humour and interesting characters. Any chance of your doing another book along the same lines, particularly of the characters of All Through the Night? I loved the group in that book.

Dear Onolee,

 It has been some time since I have worked in this area of faith-based romantic suspense, but just last week I delivered a new manuscript to Bethany House, due for release in November, which is entitled The Patmos Deception. There are different characters and the story takes place in Greece, but I hope and pray the fans of Hours will find this to be a happy fit.

Maggie writes:

I just finished reading The Black Madonna and have fallen in love with the Storm series. After checking your website I cannot locate Book 3. I read the last couple of pages of Book 2 and came to the conclusion that the Raphael/Storm saga was left hanging. Can you please enlighten me as to whether there is indeed a Book 3 and the name of the book please? Thank you very much.

 Dear Maggie,

 Yes, it has been far too long, and yes, I would very much like to do a third and final book in that series. But work on two film projects kept me from returning to the story, and now, well, perhaps it’s too late, or perhaps one day. In any case, I will tell you that the handsome rogue does pull through, and he and Storm enter into a relationship that is worthy of her name. At least, that is how I had planned it up to now.

God’s Steadfast Love: Audio Devotional #6, ‘The Turning’

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

The Turning 300How does God communicate to us through His Word?

In today’s 2-minute devotional, I share some thoughts about how we can be attentive when He reveals Himself. Click to listen:

God’s Steadfast Love: Audio Devotional #6, ‘The Turning’

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Reader Reviews for ‘The Turning’: Outside My Comfort Zone

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

The Turning 300Today’s reader reviews for The Turning are from:

  • Shirley McDonald
  • Geni White
  • Greg Parrott
  • Beth Underwood

Please click the link next to their bylines to read their full review.

Another Winner by Davis Bunn

By Shirley McDonald, Amazon (full review)

Hope Is Dead.

This slogan becomes the central focus of an idea that Trent Cooper plans to use to prove to the owner of media giant Mundrose Group that he can be a major player in the media world. What Trent does not plan on is that God would call and bring together five unlikely people to spearhead a grassroots campaign with a groundswell of support of Christians who are determined to get out the message that Hope is definitely NOT dead.

Somewhat different from Bunn’s previous books, The Turning inspires readers to respond to God’s call even when they feel totally unqualified to do what He asks. They who have been called to take the “turning” first must be willing to work out an obstacle in their lives that have kept them from being their best. Meeting through divine plan, they wait to see what God would have them do. They do not have long to wait before they are caught up in the fight against Mundrose Group’s campaign to instill the idea into society that Hope Is Dead.

Full of page-turning action that takes place over thirteen days, The Turning is a story of good vs evil with believable, not perfect, characters who both hear and listen to God’s voice. What a message of hope that is for those of us who have been somewhat afraid to pursue our own “turning.”

A major corporation vs. the church

By Geni White, Amazon (excerpt)

I believe this is one of Davis Bunn’s best written books, because of the main characters’ dependence on God for clear direction on how to fight evil.


By Greg Parrott, 2 Book Lovers Reviews

The Turning is an inspirational story of how God can influence the lives of “ordinary” people, to create selfless heroes who can stand up to the corporate greed that is so prevalent in our times and “preaches” to the lowest common denominator. Through the strength of God, these five people step out of their “comfort zones” to challenge a power far greater than each one individually.

I have to say that The Turning was outside of my own “comfort zone.” Having read the Lion of Babylon, I was intrigued by Davis Bunn’s writing and I jumped at the opportunity to read The Turning. Most of the Christian fiction that I have read in the past has been on the “darker” side, challenging my beliefs. It was fresh and exhilarating to read something so different, approaching faith from a far more positive point of view.

Davis Bunn creates characters who are real, these people are our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors. Through their faith in God, they become heroes. This is something that I have always loved about his writing, there is no Hollywood hero; Davis Bunn leaves the reader with the feeling, “Yes, that could be me…” although at the same time I would have to push myself beyond. But really, isn’t that what faith and God are there to help us with? God does not give us a challenge that he knows we cannot fulfill.

All in all I enjoyed The Turning; it pushed me and made me think about myself and God’s influence in my life. It is a book that strangely made me feel “peaceful” as I read it. I was left wondering where John’s next “Turning” would lead.

Best Davis Bunn book!

By Beth Underwood, Amazon (full review)

Out of the 30+ Davis Bunn books which I’ve read over the past 20 years, The Turning is the best, imho. A David and Goliath story which deals with a contemporary issue (how to respond to the continued media focus on dystopia), the book asks the question, “What if Christians listen to God and respond to His call to bring hope to a generation being bombarded by a message of hopelessness?”

In the book, a group of people unknown to each other are each called by God to (1) make peace with any broken relationships and (2) to join together in prayer and action to confront a media giant seeking to exploit the lack of hope in youth. Yes it is fiction but there are many biblical truths throughout the story that show how God works on behalf of those who faithfully follow and obey.

Well done, Davis!