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Reader Question: Will There Be a Sequel?

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

Since I write a fair number of series books, readers often ask me whether there be a sequel. Here are my responses to that question as it pertains to the following titles:

  • Marcus Glenwood series
  • Book of Hours
  • Marc Royce Adventures
  • Heirs of Acadia series

Kent writes:

Will there be another Marcus Glenwood book?

Dear Kent,

At present, Marcus is not expected to re-emerge, but because of the deep bond I still hold with that character, ten years after completing the work, anything is possible.

I know this probably does not satisfy, but just so you’re aware, I have been discussing with a publisher the possibility of doing a book about a woman attorney in central NC.

Betty writes:

I just finished The Book of Hours, and I must know: Is there a sequel? I can’t believe you left me “hanging” with the last paragraph! Surely you finished that great story somewhere.

Dear Betty,

No, Book of Hours was a stand-alone. But for your information, I have recently started work on a new novel that takes me back to the combination of romance, faith, and drama that has sparked such interest in Book of Hours readers. It is so new it has not even received an official title yet.

Strait of HormuzLarry and Linda write:

Strait of Hormuz was unquestionably a winner! BUT, despite the most welcome and imminent availability of The Turning, Linda asked me to urge you to get busy working on the NEXT Marc Royce series! Does that speak volumes?!?

We are both awed by your ability to capture and communicate your incredible imagination in a way that draws us into the hearts and minds of the characters. You have a marvelous gift and are so gracious to be sharing it with us!

Dear Larry,

First of all, I’m delighted that you both enjoyed Strait. But I have to tell you, I have said a firm farewell to Marc and Kitra for the moment. Maybe in the future, who knows, but for now, well…

A study guide to go with The Turning, is available as a free PDF download.

The Night AngelMaralys writes:

I absolutely love the Heirs of Arcadia series. At the end of The Night Angel, there was an excerpt printed for the next book, listed as The Loyal Renegade. I was mystified as I had already purchased Falconer’s Quest. I read the excerpt and was happy it seemed to go on right from the end of The Night Angel. Then I picked up Falconer’s Quest and was disappointed to find it began much later in time. Where can I get a copy of The Loyal Renegade? I can’t find it mentioned on any of your book lists. I am reluctant to begin Falconer’s Quest until I find this missing book to read first.

Dear Maralys,

Your comment is right on target. There was indeed another book intended between Angel and Renegade. But Janette Oke—with whom I wrote the original Acadia series and who retired because of ill health—felt good enough to return to writing, and asked if I would “hurry up and finish” that series, so we could do another. This new project with Janette became the trilogy called Acts of Faith, based upon the last chapters of the Gospels and the first three chapters of Acts. In any case, I “fast-forwarded” through time and encapsulated the drama intended as a separate book into the first three chapters of Loyal Renegade.

I hope you enjoy that final story in the series.

A Complete List of Books by Davis Bunn

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

I love it when my readers help out!

Several years ago I stopped keeping track of the books I’ve had published. One of my readers, Gary Gilmore, prepared a list of my books.

Gary writes:  “I know some of the books are out of print, but they are still in local libraries – where I found all of mine.”

Click below to open a PDF of all my published books… as well as a sneak preview of titles that will be coming soon:

Davis Bunn – Complete List of Books PDF – Updated June 3, 2015

Please visit the Books page on my website for detailed information about my books in print.

Acts of Faith Series ebooks: Free or Discounted

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Through May 31, 2015, you can download the ebook version of the three books in the Acts of Faith series for free or at a huge discount.

Janette Oke and I co-authored this historical fiction series that takes place in first century Judea.

The Centurion’s Wife (book 1): FREE!

The Centurion's Wife

When her family’s wealth and power are lost forever, Leah is sent to Pontius Pilate in hopes that he might arrange a strategic marriage. But despite her betrothed’s striking countenance and postion, Leah deems life as a centurioun’s wife a fate worse than death.

Head of the garrison near Galilee, Alban has ambitions that could one day see him at the seat of power-in Rome itself. Eager to prove himself, he takes on the assignment of a lifetime, one that will put his career, his beliefs, and his very life at risk.

But when the death-and missing body-of an obscure rabbi find Leah and Alban searching for the same answers, what they discover changes everything.

The Hidden Flame (book 2): $6.99

The Hidden Flame

In first-century Judea, the followers of the Way have burgeoned into a vibrant, growing community that cannot be ignored.

Jerusalem is in turmoil as itws religious leaders on one side, and their Roman rulers on the other, conspire to stamp out the fledgling Church. And Abigail, who throught she had finally found home and safety, is caught between the opposing forces.

Two suitors desire the lovely Abigail’s hand in marriage. Ezra, a successful Hebrew merchant and widower with important connections among the Sanhedrin, is looking for a mother for his children. The Roman soldier Linux is fascinated by her winsome charm and possibly could offer the sanctuary–maybe even the love–for which she yearns.

But her heart has been captured by neither of these. Will her faith and courage survive a heartbreak beyond comprehension as the followers face a gathering storm of persecution they never could have foreseen? A glimmer of hope beckons Abigail forward…

The Damascus Way (book 3): $6.99

The Damascus Way

One of the Top 10 Inspirational Novels of 2011 —Booklist

Young Julia has everything money can buy—except for acceptance by either Gentiles or Judeans in Tiberias. When she discovers the secret her beloved Greek father has kept all these years, she is devastated. Julia and her Hebrew mother are indeed less than second-class citizens. Her future is dark with clouds of uncertainty.

Jacob, Abigail’s brother, is now a young man attempting to find his own place among the community of believers. Does it mean trading away the exhilaration and adventure of his current profession as a caravan guard?

Hired by Julia’s father to protect a wealthy merchant’s caravans on the secretive “Frankincense Trail,” Jacob also reluctantly takes on the perilous responsibility of passing letters and messages between communities of believers now dispersed across the land. He is alarmed to discover that Julia, hardly more than a girl, is also a courier. Can their initial mistrust be put aside to accomplish their mission?

Free ebook: ‘The Meeting Place’

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

The Meeting Place by Janette Oke and Davis BunnThe ebook version of The Meeting Place, which I co-wrote with Janette Oke, is free through December 31, 2013.

Here are the links so you can download it:

If you’re interested in reading the entire Song of Acadia series, here are the links to the Kindle Edition:

Book 1: The Meeting Place

Book 2: The Sacred Shore

Book 3: The Birthright

Book 4: The Distant Beacon

Book 5: The Beloved Land

There’s a related series called Heirs of Acadia. Here are links to all the books in that series:

Book 1: The Solitary Envoy

Book 2: The Innocent Libertine

Book 3: The Noble Fugitive

Book 4: The Night Angel

Book 5: Falconer’s Quest

More blog articles about the Heirs of Acadia series

  1. Readers ask about Heirs of Acadia series
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  4. Reader question about Falconer’s Quest

Reader Question: Where Can I Find Information About Acadians?

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Wendi writes: 

I have recently remembered your book, The Meeting Place (Song of Acadia #1), as I have been trying to locate information about an ancestor. I wanted to know if you have a list of the sources of the information of the French movement out of Canada. My ancestor was born in Lower Canada and I am having trouble locating any additional information.

If you have a list of histories or other articles that you use for research would you be willing to share those with me in my search for my ancestors?

Thank you for any help you might be able to provide.

Dear Wendi,

Information on where the Acadians were shipped has recently become the basis for a number of academic articles. But the information is still extremely spotty when it comes to individuals.

Perhaps the best sources would be to travel to the Acadian Museum in Truro or Halifax, and ask one of the resident academics for who they feel would best be able to assist you.

Alternately, a genealogist based in one of the former Acadian settlements would certainly have worked on this issue before now.

Janet Jehn has also created a related website that many say is the absolute best for such information. You can find this at

Readers: Do you have additional resources to share with Wendi?

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Readers Ask About Heirs of Acadia Series

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Beverly writes:

Just finished your first book of the Heirs of Acadia series and have started book 2.

It was absolutely amazing! I am in awe of your and Isabella’s writing; never read anyone’s that was as spellbound as yours.

Dear Beverly,

‘Heirs’ is a series that seemed to gain energy and depth as the books came out, something that has only happened with two other series I’ve written, the Priceless Collection (Florian’s Gate, The Amber Room, and Winter Palace) and the final three books Janette Oke and I did together (The Centurion’s Wife, The Hidden Flame, and The Damascus Way). I’m delighted to learn of your connection to these tales, and wish you great reading.

Jennifer writes:

I wanted to contact you on behalf of my grandmother who is technologically deficient! She LOVES your books and was very excited to read The Loyal Renegade.

There was a “teaser” in the back of another book that she had just finished. Our little public library couldn’t find it in any of the libraries in IN. I have scoured the net, but I myself am not the greatest surfer of cyber warehouses so I thought I would shortcut and contact you directly after coming across your information email address.

Can you give me any information on this book?

Dear Jennifer,

The Loyal Renegade was never written. I became caught up in work with Janette Oke on a new series—her last, at least for now, due to her health—and because we did not know how much time we had to work on this, I combined that story and the final in the series into one book, Falconer’s Quest.

Please tell your grandmother that my wife, who lectures at universities in the UK and the US, is almost on the same level as she is when it comes to computer thingies. I have to write out instructions for the TV remote.

**Note: If you’d like to read the Heirs of Acadia series, the books are available from online booksellers and from your local library. Here is a list of all five books in the series, in order:

Book 1: The Solitary Envoy

Book 2: The Innocent Libertine

Book 3: The Noble Fugitive

Book 4: The Night Angel

Book 5: Falconer’s Quest

And here are links to the books in the Priceless Collection series:


Readers Ask: Will There be a Sequel to ‘Another Homecoming’?

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Chandy writes: 

I recently read Return to Harmony. I really enjoyed it.

Did you and Mrs. Oke have plans to write a sequel? I understand her health isn’t well. Any chance a sequel could still happen?

Dear Chandy,

Return to Harmony was followed by Another Homecoming, which drew on the same emotional threads but was a different story. I think right now that if Janette were up to doing another book, we would continue with the Acts of Faith series.   But you never can tell.

Clarification on ‘Falconer’s Quest’ and ‘Florian’s Gate’

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

Carole writes:

Is it possible to purchase your Heirs of Acadia Loyal Renegade anywhere? I truly hope so. I love your historical fiction.

Dear Carol,

Thank you so much for the lovely note.  Unfortunately, ‘Loyal Renegade’ was never written.  I know, it is mentioned there in the previous book.  Originally I intended to do one additional book in that series.  Then Janette Oke, who had retired five years earlier, decided her health was good enough to let her return to writing. 

We had discussed the possibility of doing a Bible-based series back before she retired, and it was something I really did not want to do on my own.  There simply wasn’t time to write the new series with her (‘Centurion’s Wife’ and ‘Hidden Flame’) and do two more in the Acadia series.  So with Bethany’s blessing I compressed the two final books into one.  ‘Falconer’s Quest’ was the result.  To be honest, I consider it the best of the series.  I miss John Falconer.  Writing in his company was a blast.  I’d love to bring him back some day. 

John Errington writes:

My mother-in-law is 79 and a committed Christian.  Over the past few years we have bought her all of the Janette Oke books and she has particularly enjoyed the most recent – the Song of Acadia and  Acts of Faith sets which you co-wrote.  She would dearly love to have the Heirs of Acadia series but try as we might I have been unable to find the set of five books in a condition fit to give her as a present. 

I have tried the usual sources –,, the book depository, abebooks, but have not been able to source the complete set. I wonder if you could possibly direct me to a bookseller that might be able to help? Many thanks. 

Dear Reverend Errington,

 I have checked online, and confirm that finding a complete boxed set is impossible. But Amazon’s authorized  booksellers do have all copies of the series available individually, and at reasonable prices – I checked like this a couple of years ago for another title, and found it on sale for two hundred dollars. Shame none of that would find its way into the author’s pocket.

The Heirs of Acadia series books are available from online booksellers and from your local library. Here is a list of all five books in the series, in order:

Book 1: The Solitary Envoy

Book 2: The Innocent Libertine

Book 3: The Noble Fugitive

Book 4: The Night Angel

Book 5: Falconer’s Quest

Lyn writes:

It was a pleasure to read Florian’s Gate, the first I have read of Davis Bunn’s. Pleasure seems a strange word to use for a book that was so informative on the sufferings of the Poles. Even sufferings seems too light a word. Although the story line is about the pain about Alexander Kantor’s hidden pain there is so much about the history of Poland and their resilience in the face of so much pain and destruction. I learned so much also of antiques and how they were used. I learned so much about the fine line of truth and the sometime yoke we put on ourselves and others with the admonition of ‘telling the truth’. I recommend this as a book to read that challenges one’s concepts. That on the reading, one may come to the end somewhat more humble than at the beginning. Thank you so much. 

Dear Lyn,

What a delight to receive your email, and how nice to have this opportunity to revisit ‘Florian’s Gate.’ This was the first in a series of three books, entitled ‘The Priceless Collection,’ based around the experiences of my wife’s family after WWII. The books have been out of print now for over a decade, and it is amazing that just this month I have received five different fan mails based upon these stories. 

Two things might be of interest: First, the trilogy is to be re-published in 2013; ‘Florian’s Gate’ in February, ‘Amber Room’ in May, and ‘Winter Palace’ in November. Second, two recent books that other fans of the series have found to contain a powerful connection are ‘Lion of Babylon’ and ‘Gold of Kings’.

Book Review by Elaine Dalton: ‘The Damascus Way’

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

By Elaine Dalton
Guest Reviewer


Julia, the only daughter of wealthy merchant Jamal, has everything in life that money can buy. A wonderful palace to call home, fine clothes, plenty of food, servants to wait on her – yet she and her mother Helen live a very lonely existence between her father’s visits.

When Julia learns the secret why they are shunned, her world is thrown into chaos and only her new-found faith remains steady. A new depth and peace fills her as she embarks on a journey that will change her life in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, Jacob, now a young man ready to take his place in the world, escorts an ill Alban to Jerusalem and leaves him in the care of the few remaining believers there.

Taking charge of a secret commission for Jamal, Jacob searches for God’s will in his life and hovers in indecision. Jamal, grateful to him and impressed by him, promotes Jacob and gives him another dangerous mission to fulfill.

Unknown to Jamal, the believers also entrust Jacob with a secret mission, causing him to become a courier for the persecuted Christians scattered aboard — a dangerous task.

With Saul’s persecution of the church increasing, the believers flee from Jerusalem while they still can. One of the last to flee, Abigail and her young daughter, Dorcas, leave with Alban and a caravan of other believers. Escorting them for the majority of their journey is Linux, once a Roman officer and now a strong faithful brother in the faith.

Newly returned from a visit to his homeland, Linux sees the recent changes in the country and wonders with the others what will happen next. He is assigned command of the garrison near the village where Abigail takes up residence and quietly goes about making a change in the hearts of those he comes into contact with.


With several character stories all growing, intertwining and reaching toward the final epic climax, this book will hold your interest to the final page. Beautifully written and populated with wonderful characters, some new and some old friends, this is a classic.

It was well organized and flowed well between each character shift in viewpoint. I was quite satisfied with the conclusion to Linux’s interesting life story, told over the span of the three books in this trilogy.

I would have liked at least one more chapter or even just a paragraph on what happened to Jacob and Julia but with my imagination, it’s fairly easy to figure out. All in all, I highly enjoyed this book!

Rating: PG-14 and up, mainly for reading level. Highly recommended to all audiences!

Dear Elaine, 

Thank you so much for the awesome blog review. It was great to revisit the story through your words. You’ve done a marvelous job of encapsulating the tale, and of highlighting crucial elements that formed the basis for why Janette Oke and I wrote the story in the first place. 

Another Book with Janette Oke?

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Ellen writes:

I downloaded an e-book that you and Janette Oke wrote. Another Homecoming. I’ve never spoken with her but have read lots of her books. Impressed that I didn’t hear a split-voice in it. Smooth . . . good  job. Blessings!

Dear Ellen,

Another Homecoming was our second work together, and it’s great to know that even in this initial effort you could not find the ‘seams’. When I study our later works, there is a greater sense of smoothness and flow to me and to Janette. It’s nice to know the roots of this were there in our first efforts.

Maggie writes:

I hope you will continue this series – it has really helped me understand what it was like in that area right after Christ was crucified. Your historical insight and information is most, most helpful too. Please come out with the next . . . and keep going. We need good historical novels about Christianity’s history so much.

Dear Maggie,

I am so pleased to hear that you have found such a heartfelt connection to the message behind these books. Unfortunately, due to Janette’s health issues, we are not writing any more books together, at least for the present. But I too would very much love to see the series continue, so hopefully this will change in the near future.

Maggie writes back:

Thanks for writing. Couldn’t you go on and be writing ‘the next one’ in the series . . . just in case? I do think this particular series is worth it. We were talking in church today about this particular period in Christian history — it’s one not covered so much in the Bible and is very important. Anyway, don’t give up this commission. 

Thank you for the very kind note, Maggi.

While I am not restricted by the publishers, I do feel like this is something I have started with Janette and very much want to continue with her, if and when she feels able.

Peggy writes:

I loved The Centurion’s Wife! The imagery that you get from reading this book really made the story of what happened after Christ’s crucifixion come to life. I could picture myself in the story. What would I do if I were in the same situation?


Renee Ann writes:

I just read your book, The Centurion’s Wife and I was truly blessed by this wonderful story. I really can’t say enough about it. I plan to blog about it and look forward to reading more of your books.

I shared the link on Facebook and this is what I wrote about it:

This is an amazing story of the centurion whose son Jesus healed. The story takes us behind the scene and into the life of this centurion. Wonderfully written, this book is a must read. I had chills reading the last couple of chapters. It brought me close to tears on several occasions.

I read other Davis Bunn books, but it was the first I read co-authored by Janette Oke. I’d give this book a 10 if there were more stars. 

Dear Renee Ann and Peggy,

Thank you so much for the lovely notes. I’m thrilled that Centurion’s Wife touched you in this way. Our aim from the beginning was to bring a clear sense of emotional life to this amazing passage, and it’s so good to know that you were impacted in this way.