Book Suggestions for Military Veterans?

Jude writes:

I have read several of your books, and have enjoyed them all. I am a Vietnam veteran who has always tried to keep God in my life, but has suffered with P.T.S.D. for many years. Especially with the recent events. Have you ever thought of writing a book dealing with that subject?

Dear Jude,

Thank you so much for your note. It is always a pleasure to hear from male readers, I’m sorry to hear of your personal after-effects from service to our nation, and wish you both peace and healing.

As far as my books go, two deal specifically with issues related to such service, and the healing that many require: All Through The Night, and Lion of Babylon. Others who have served – and suffered – have written to say that they have found the stories to be of benefit. Both were written in close step with sources who have lived what I, blessedly, did not.

Gary writes:

Just finished All Through the Night for the third time. Wayne Grusza holds a special place in my heart because I love helping young men learn how to walk in victory in Jesus. It has been a special ministry throughout my life. And I love the way you develop that same thing in your characters — especially in Wayne. I think I shall always read this book periodically.

Anyone who writes like you surely has a deep and abiding relationship with the Father, and I desire to have some fellowship time to hear your heart from your own mouth.

Until then, I will keep reading and re-reading. 

Dear Gary,

Every now and then I pick up one of my earlier titles and reread it as my Sunday afternoon downtime. Last week I did this with My Soul To Keep. I have just given it to a local actor, a non-believer who is being mentored by Burt Reynolds. He had some cynical things to say about the Christian film industry, and I gave this to him as a response. I wanted to reread this in anticipation of our discussion. It was so good to return to these pages. I so enjoyed this renewal of the friendships, and the drama. 

Helene writes:

Lion of BabylonI have just finished reading The Presence and have found this book to be the most amazing fiction book that I have ever read. I have read most of the books of Karen Kingsbury, Dee Henderson, Robert Whitlow and others and have enjoyed them all immensely but this book is in a class all on its own.

I could carry on and heap praises on you but what I really want to say is that how I would love to be aware of HIS presence on such a level, to feel HIS peace so tangibly. We do not feel it most of the time but how wonderful when we do feel it. This book draws the reader closer to God, closer to His Holy Spirit and awakens the desire to live more fully for Him and for that I thank you. 

Dear Helene,

I am so grateful you would take the time to write and share these thoughts. The Presence has been out of print now for about nine years, and it is lovely to reconnect with it through your words.

If I might suggest, two more recent titles which other fans of The Presence also enjoyed, are Lion of Babylon and All Through The Night. If you ever have an occasion to try them, I hope you find that same sense of divine inspiration.

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