Book Review by Elaine Dalton: ‘The Damascus Way’

By Elaine Dalton
Guest Reviewer


Julia, the only daughter of wealthy merchant Jamal, has everything in life that money can buy. A wonderful palace to call home, fine clothes, plenty of food, servants to wait on her – yet she and her mother Helen live a very lonely existence between her father’s visits.

When Julia learns the secret why they are shunned, her world is thrown into chaos and only her new-found faith remains steady. A new depth and peace fills her as she embarks on a journey that will change her life in more ways than one.

Meanwhile, Jacob, now a young man ready to take his place in the world, escorts an ill Alban to Jerusalem and leaves him in the care of the few remaining believers there.

Taking charge of a secret commission for Jamal, Jacob searches for God’s will in his life and hovers in indecision. Jamal, grateful to him and impressed by him, promotes Jacob and gives him another dangerous mission to fulfill.

Unknown to Jamal, the believers also entrust Jacob with a secret mission, causing him to become a courier for the persecuted Christians scattered aboard — a dangerous task.

With Saul’s persecution of the church increasing, the believers flee from Jerusalem while they still can. One of the last to flee, Abigail and her young daughter, Dorcas, leave with Alban and a caravan of other believers. Escorting them for the majority of their journey is Linux, once a Roman officer and now a strong faithful brother in the faith.

Newly returned from a visit to his homeland, Linux sees the recent changes in the country and wonders with the others what will happen next. He is assigned command of the garrison near the village where Abigail takes up residence and quietly goes about making a change in the hearts of those he comes into contact with.


With several character stories all growing, intertwining and reaching toward the final epic climax, this book will hold your interest to the final page. Beautifully written and populated with wonderful characters, some new and some old friends, this is a classic.

It was well organized and flowed well between each character shift in viewpoint. I was quite satisfied with the conclusion to Linux’s interesting life story, told over the span of the three books in this trilogy.

I would have liked at least one more chapter or even just a paragraph on what happened to Jacob and Julia but with my imagination, it’s fairly easy to figure out. All in all, I highly enjoyed this book!

Rating: PG-14 and up, mainly for reading level. Highly recommended to all audiences!

Dear Elaine, 

Thank you so much for the awesome blog review. It was great to revisit the story through your words. You’ve done a marvelous job of encapsulating the tale, and of highlighting crucial elements that formed the basis for why Janette Oke and I wrote the story in the first place. 

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