Book Fun Magazine Premieres — I’m Officially a Cover Boy!


I am so honored and humbled to be featured as the cover story in the premiere issue of Book Fun Magazine (October 2012).

Book Fun is the official magazine of The Book Club Network and is THE magazine for reading groups. Their focus is on Christian publishers and authors and on family-friendly books. Subscriptions to this online magazine are free — just go to

The cover story starts on page 36, and is an interview with Nora St. Laurent. Our interview is followed by a review from Rick Estep of my novel, Rare Earth.

I hope you’ll read the story and leave a comment, below, letting me know something new you learned.

P.S. If you’re interested in learning the history behind the picture of the airplane on the cover, please read my post, “Our New Digs.”

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  1. Fred says:

    Thanks for sharing the magazine Davis! The new issue is out for November.
    Loved having you on the cover!

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