Bloggers Review ‘Lion of Babylon’

I’m so grateful for the many readers who review my books on their blogs. Here are short excerpts from several reviews of Lion of Babylon that have been published recently. I hope you’ll click the links to read the entire reviews.

Tammy’s Book Parlor, by Tammy Griffin

“The history of Muslims in this fiction read is phenomenal… Reading this novel gave me a better picture of the Muslim world and of the Christians who live amongst the Muslims. Courage to face the impossible, prayer to see the mission through.”

Our Homeschooling Pilgrimage, by Tammi, a homeschooling mom of five from Maine

“I would recommend this book to readers from teen to adult. My 15 year-old cannot wait to start reading it.”

The Funner Life by Libbi H., a young reader

“With an intriguing beginning, and intensely suspenseful end, this book is hard to put down.”

Stray Thoughts, by Barbara H.

Lion of Babylon “isn’t the type of book I usually go for: action, adventure, intrigue, espionage, etc. But I picked it up as a possible present for someone whom I thought might like it. Wow. It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat…”

Faith, Friends, and Frappuccinnos, by Melissa K. Norris

“…if you enjoy spy and military novels, this one is up your alley.”

Along the Way, by Janet Ruth, Alberta, Canada

“This novel is full of history, action, human emotion, and human determination and is well worth the time to read as you learn perspectives from a culture so much different than ours.”

A Mom After God’s Own Heart, by Shirley from Canada

“If you are looking for a riveting, and intriguing book to read, I highly recommend this one, and give it a huge thumbs up!”

It’s OK to be Weird, by Raylene

“…Ancient and modern cultures clash in nearly every imaginable way. Shia, Sunni, Kurd, Christian, Jew, Iraqi, Iranian, American…politics, history, religion, military force, military presence… kidnappings, bombings, assassination attempts, recovery efforts…everything is going on at once it seems. But Davis keeps the reins on the story and moves it forward at a fantastic pace, barely giving the reader time to figure out what just happened before moving on to the next event.”

Glass Still Half Full, by Megan Clanton from Tennessee

“Mr. Bunn uses Marc Royce to show how Americans need to change their thinking if they really want to make a positive impact in the [Iraq] region.”


“The story is a cat-and-mouse match that involves abductions, bombings, a clandestine church gathering, and a nighttime trip across the desert, all played out against the hot, dusty, colorful and lively streets and environs of Baghdad.

Bunn’s writing is wonderful as usual — taut, yet picturesque…”

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  1. We are having our book club discussion on “Lion of Babylon” on Monday. What would be a couple of key questions to talk about?

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