Are Dreams Reliable Predictors of our Future Reality? (Guest Review)

By Kevin Bunn
Guest Reviewer

Are dreams reliable predictors of our future reality?

Does the battle of good and evil use time and circumstance to influence our perception of how much is at stake in our quest for eternity?

These questions and many more are woven into the story of Elena Burroughs, considered a foremost authority on dreams. A global bestseller book she authored, titled The Book of Dreams, catapulted her into the status of a star, worthy of global adulation – lectures, televised events, sold-out public appearances and more.

But underneath all the adoration lay a vacuum, a tragic event now five years in the past and still clawing at her heart. A practicing clinical psychologist by trade, Elena maintains a prestigious position providing help to clients whose very souls seek her wisdom and experience to help them. Her practice is now exclusive to the point that she no longer accepts new patients. Until one pivotal day….

Set among the historic scenery and buildings of Oxford, England, this latest offering from Davis Bunn incorporates seemingly detached vignettes of several characters whose dreams are impacting their lives in very real, very disturbing ways.

Beginning in New York City, the story opens with Teddy Wainwright, a Wall Street success story whose life has reached a pivotal moment. How is it possible that he could know what is about to happen? And, in the opening scenes of the story, articulate that he was “expecting” someone to violently arrive?

The circumstances of Terry Wainwright will impact Elena in ways for which she is seemingly unprepared. A patient comes into her office under the cover of secrecy, and once inside Elena’s office, reveals a dream so disturbing that even Elena cannot comprehend the meaning.

From this notable appointment comes mystery, intrigue, traveling to other countries, invitations to meet with persons of high authority, global financiers and threats upon her very life. Elena’s aged mentor, Miriam, will provide insight and safety for a time, but her life will feel out of control despite the reassurances Elena receives.

Our clinical psychologist is thrust into a story which turns her life upside down in many ways. Her past experience of trauma, loss and heartbreak are overtaken by challenges that seem to have no connection to each other until a certain, ancient book is placed into her care. This book, carefully passed from one caretaker to another, will reveal a message so powerful that even Elena will wrestle with the impact it conveys onto her own life.

Book of Dreams grips the reader by setting a pace of fast-moving events, carefully scripted characters, heart-warming turns of redemption and new-found relationships. Those who choose to delve into the pages of this novel will find it hard to put it down, even harder to put it away.

About Kevin Bunn (no relation to Davis Bunn): From early childhood I have been associated with the Christian faith. I have always been an avid reader, starting before kindergarten reading the newspaper and anything else I could get my hands on. I remember reading the Bible during church services, especially the Old Testament stories, mostly because when I was young, the sermons were “over my head” in terms of subject matter and theology.

Over the years I absorbed the Biblical history and learned how important these stories are to our ongoing battle with sin, as well as the thread of God’s plan for our salvation.

This understanding has helped me as a Bible class teacher, study and home group leader and from time to time, a speaker delivering the message of our faith. More importantly, as a father and husband, I learned how to help my children develop their faith in God and Christ, as well as supporting my wife during her journey to become a Marriage and Family Therapist and Bereavement Counselor.

I am presently a businessman in the construction industry, searching out and developing a focused, niche business to recycle construction debris into marketable product.

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