An Explosive Novel for 4th of July Reading

I’m delighted to feature excerpts from reader reflections about my new novel, Rare Earth. Note that the second reviewer, Missy Shay, is running a giveaway contest of Rare Earth on her blog through July 9. Click the link at the end of Missy’s review to zip over to her blog and enter for your chance to win!

By Kim Martinez
Guest Reviewer

Fourth of July is my second favorite holiday. And not because of the fireworks. Most of the time, the weather is great. We take the family to a local celebration, and I sit…in one place…for HOURS! Just in case you get the joy of sitting and reading for hours while your family enjoys the festivities, I have a fantastic fiction read for you.

Marc Royce is a relief worker, intelligence officer. Royce is a fixer. Kenya’s tribes have been abused and pushed around by people with power and greed. Royce’s presence begins to complicate things as he utilizes his skills to thwart the power brokers.

You will love this book. Along with the great plot, there are moments of perfect inspiration. Here are a few quotes:

Do not look at these people with pity. It puts you up and puts them down.

Marc decided the best way to handle his situation was to stop trying to define what normal was.

Marc followed to Kamal’s footsteps, ducking under the occasional limb, and thought how much his own life resembled this landscape. Blanketed by ashes of regret and loss, waiting for that faint blessing of rain. Waiting.

We are saved from sin, yes. But to what end? Do we choose rightly and grow to God’s purpose?

This review was originally published on Kim’s blog, Deep Imprints. Reprinted with permission from the author.


By Missy Shay
Guest Reviewer

Rare Earth is set in Kenya, Africa. Marc Royce has worked for the state department in clandestine assignments, most recently in Iraq.  He is a Christian man who lost his wife four years ago and he uses his faith in his work, depending on God’s guidance to survive.

He needs to find out what happened to the brother of Kitra, an Israeli medical administrator who has secrets of her own.  There are sparks between Kitra and Marc, but can they act on their feelings? Can they trust each other? Can their faith bring them together? This part of the novel is just in the background.

The main subject is why are African tribes being pushed off their land? Who killed Serge, Kitra’s brother? Is Lodestone, a company for hire for humanitarian resources, corrupt and behind all the killings and thievery? It is Marc’s job to find out.

I highly recommend reading this book, it is perfect for a man or a woman.

This review was originally published on Missy’s blog, Missy’s Homemaking Adventures. This excerpt was reprinted with permission from the author.

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