An Accountant Who Kicks Bad Guy Butt? Must be Marc Royce

Readers really seem to connect with Marc Royce, the protagonist in Rare Earth. Here are several comments about Marc:

Dennis Brooke

A people savvy warrior, who kicks bad guy butt–and he’s an accountant?

That’s the hero you meet in Rare Earth, the new release by best-selling novelist Davis Bunn. Warrior-Accountant Marc Royce deploys to Kenya where he uncovers international intrigue and wins the trust of suspicious African tribal leaders–leaders who are waiting for a deliverer foretold by a local prophet.

Add a half-French, all-Israeli love interest, amazing detail, and action that doesn’t end even with the final page–and you have another winner by Davis Bunn.

Rare Earth is a sequel to Lion of Babylon. I haven’t yet read that novel but didn’t feel like I missed anything by starting with this book. Bunn is masterful at filling you in on the back story of his hero, Marc Royce, without slowing down the pace of this story.

Davis Bunn is skilled at immersing you in the character and culture of his novels. Whether its first century Palestine, as in The Centurion’s Wife or modern-day Africa as in Rare Earth, you feel like you know the people, place, and time when you’re done. And you cheer for his heroes when they come out on top.

Join Marc Royce as he fights to right a terrible wrong, bring hope to a hopeless people, and sees a glimmer of a brighter future for himself.

Sharon L. Johnson

With a storyline that could easily have been lifted from today’s international headlines, Davis Bunn has again captivated my attention with a riveting plot and characters..

…In Marc Royce, I see the compassion and strength of an authentic hero–courageous, sacrificial, yet at the same time human and humble.

True to form, Bunn’s research into the details of the back story (i.e., rare earth elements, and their extensive use), are so precise–even in the portrayal of the African landscape and tribal culture. This is one is his best books yet: a must read!

Peter Leavell

Many stories crush the life out of heroes, making them either larger than life or flat and one-dimensional. Even worse, many storied heroes never rise above themselves or their problems, allowing others to effect change around them, and then take the credit.

Davis Bunn’s new novel, Rare Earth, offers a refreshing hero that satisfies completely.

Marc Royce is reluctant. Involved in relief operations in Kenya, he loves his job, thrives on the action. But strange men evicting tribes from their land send him on a difficult path that brings him together with a beautiful and mysterious woman. But the intrigue building in Kenya will not only hurt the ones he loves, but the entire world. Does he have the strength to be what people need him to do? Or will he fall, never to realize his potential?

This beautifully sensitive novel is compelling as it is thought provoking.

Bunn crafts Christian action and suspense thrillers like no one else. Rare Earth is a reader’s playground that had me wishing I had a sick day to stay home and read.

Take this trip to Africa with Marc Royce. You won’t regret it. I’m giving it five stars.

And perhaps Marc Royce will touch your life like he did mine. A real hero who overcomes.

Peter Leavell graduated from Boise State with a degree in history in 2007. With his passion for historical fiction, nothing delights Leavell more than people turning the pages of a book, enraptured by the story. He is the winner of the Christian Writer’s Guild’s best first novel 2011 for Gideon’s Call. He lives in Boise, Idaho.

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