Amazon Special Offer: ‘Rare Earth’ for Kindle, only $2.99

During August, is offering the Kindle editions of Lion of Babylon and Rare Earth at a huge discount.

Lion of Babylon (book 1 in the Marc Royce adventures) is $5.38.

Rare Earth (book 2 in the series) is $2.99.

Here’s what readers are saying about Rare Earth this week on their blogs:
(Please click the link below each excerpt to read their full reviews)

“It played out like a summer blockbuster movie and I could practically hear the inspiring soundtrack rolling in the background.”
-Karen Barnett, Cannot Be Shaken

“Full of mystery, intense suspense, espionage, corruption, and even romance, this book hooked me right from the very start… If you’re a fan of his books like I am, then I have no doubt that you will want to read this one. There’s action, adventure, exotic settings, and he weaves in a wonderful message of faith.”
-Michelle Vasquez, Life in Review

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