A Reader Asks: Where Did Davis Bunn Grow Up?

Betsy Bernhardt writes:

In The Great Divide almost all of the characters’ names (not all) have double letters in either their first or last names. I find that interesting–especially since your last name does, as well.

Now, would you share with us all just exactly where in NC you grew up?

Dear Betsy,

Every now and then a reader’s question offers a surprise, and this one is another first. I have never noticed that about the names before. The powers of readers’ observations sometimes is just astonishing. We have had readers write to correct the hair color of a child in two books in a series four years apart—no I am not going to tell you which books.

As for where in NC I come from, I was born and raised in Raleigh, then did my undergraduate studies at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem. I left from there to the UK, where I did a masters in international finance, something that every novelist needs, wouldn’t you agree?

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