3 Bloggers Host Giveaway Contests for ‘Hidden in Dreams’

Three reviewers of Hidden in Dreams are hosting giveaway contests this week on their blogs. Please click the titles of  each of their blogs to enter their contests.

Michelle Rayburn – Faith, Creativity, Life 

Enter contest by July 19, 2012

Have you ever wakened from a dream wondering if it had really happened? Dreams, although subconscious, can often feel eerily like reality.

What happens when 15 people dream the same nightmare? In different places around the world? Hidden in Dreams will give you chills as Dr. Elena Burroughs seeks to unravel the mystery behind the parallel dreams of 15 people, one of those being herself.

Is it coincidence? A medial mystery? Or some sort of twisted conspiracy?

Readers will journey with Dr. Burroughs in answering these questions. Likely, they will also feel the helpless terror of those experiencing the dreams.

In Hidden in Dreams, author Davis Bunn continues the series from book one, titled Book of Dreams. However readers who didn’t read the first book won’t be lost in this one. Although there are referrals to the first book, that one wrapped up at the end, and this begins with the next phase of Dr. Burroughs.

Davis Bunn has an engaging style that includes a thread of adventure and mystery combined with thriller. The plot is complex and just as with Bunn’s other books, he makes his story lines feel believable enough for the reader to contemplate whether it could happen in real life.

If there is one thing that would make the book even more satisfying, it would be to have the reader get a more vivid picture of what the dreams were about. I won’t spoil the plot, so I’ll be a little vague here, but there are times when the author describes a dream as “far, far worse” than a previous one.

But I didn’t get a clear picture of what was far, far worse about it. This is a big challenge for an author, since dreams are difficult to really picture, but I wanted to really feel what was terrifying about it, and some of the descriptions kept me disengaged from really feeling the terror that the characters felt.

I loved it and I give the book a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Mark Buzard, Thoughts of a Sojourner

Enter contest by July 24, 2012

With a book like this, I have to be careful not to give too much away, but the plot was terrific. It had to do with the financial system of not just the USA, but of the whole world. Hopefully no one is capable of doing what the bad guys did in this book, but it is sobering to think about what people might attempt to bring about what they want.

A great plot and characters, fast-paced suspense,  and the author isn’t afraid to have Christian characters and content. I’d highly recommend it.

Linda Wagner, One Desert Rose

Enter contest by September 14, 2012

Dr. Elena Burroughs, well-known for her controversial dream analysis work, finds herself in the lime-light of the highly pumped media, a position she abhors. They are hounding her about the almost identical, repetitive dreams coming from several individuals world-wide (aka “dreamers”), predicting cataclysmic financial upheavals. Her old enemies become new comrades to make sense of the dreams and whether they relate to side effects of a new drug, SuenaMed, used to treat ADHD.

The dreams, however, don’t really seem like actual dreams as much they appear as attacks or visions, repetitively overriding the dreamers’ thought patterns, causing a sense of urgency to tell the world.

Despite the tense episodes, a tentative romance develops between two gentlemen vying for Elena’s attention, making for an interesting dilemma for her. Her choice seems obvious up front, but circumstances change that make you wonder if she will change her mind.  It calms down the chaos to help you get a breather from the hectic circumstances.

Foretelling through dreams is not a concept that I am familiar with, but it’s an interesting, creative concept for presenting cataclysmic overtones.  Since we are currently living in a volatile financial world today, these dreams could easily send the public into a frantic frenzy.

It seemed real enough to make me wonder for a time what would happen to my own finances should something like this happen. Davis has done a great job in upping the anxiety as the dreams unfold.  The twists in the scenarios took me by surprise, making this another great read by Davis Bunn.

The qualities and peculiarities of each character seemed to be realistic and very tense at times due to the traumatic responses to the dreams.   The tempo of the media, the rush to action to curb distress, the last-minute meetings, and the frenzy of the people were well described.

I did enjoy the aspect that some of her co-workers were fellow believers, and they were open to praying over situations, with Dr. Elena sensing protection because of their prayers.

Check out Davis Bunn’s book, Hidden in Dreams, for a new perspective on the possibilities of our world’s economics, as well as a great suspense. And don’t forget Book of Dreams by the same author, the prequel to this book.

My Rating:

I would rate the book at a 4.5.  Davis did an excellent job at creatively presenting the chaotic scenarios with the public’s frantic frenzy of a ‘rush’ at the banks and the media race for first dibs on the dreams.  The media can be like pariahs and people do panic!  The book distinctly pulls on the emotions of the volatile financial market of today’s world.

I was confused over the issue of foretelling and prophecy, as there is a fine line between the two terms.  I found this aspect disconcerting and a little off-kilter for me, feeding into the New Age ‘spiritual’ messages.  I will agree it was handled quite well by Dr. Elena, though.

The fact that there are several books out on cataclysmic chaos in the financial world, this just seemed like just another one in some aspects.  But Davis’ creativity puts it in a completely different realm.

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